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Our Privacy Policy is designed to inform our users of how we keep, process and use your personal and/or confidential information, including any modifications to it that may be made from time to time. The users of may also be considered students of By using, users agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, consenting to our collection and maintaining of their personal and/or confidential information. is not and cannot be responsible for any information obtained by any third party visiting the site.


We collect cookies and other tracking data. We track user’s sessions at by using available technology, via servers and access to user’s computer. Your own browser may be set by you in order to notify you of when to allow cookies or not. Cookies are used for our online tracking of user’s time spent at the site. Our overall use of cookies and data collection thereof is to assist our users with a better experience at our site.

Personal Information: reserves the right to share user’s personal information for purposes of marketing, data collection and study research, third party promotion or referral, investigation of fraudulent activity, investigation of violation of’s policies, Term of Service, Privacy Policy or other legal regulations of the site. In the event of’s company merger, sale, dissolution, reorganization, legal action proceeding, or company acquisition, personal data may be transferred, shared or sold. Consent from user will be requested should desire to share personal information for reasons other than those contained in the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
Type of Data Collected:

At, we may collect the following information from users in order to create an account for the user. We will request full name, email address, contact information, and obtain IP address. This information is used for contact information, marketing purposes, confirmation of user purposes, online tracking and the like. monitors and gathers information on pages visited, education progress, times of access, frequency of access, quiz scores, survey answers, comments and the like.


The Host company for (“ClickFunnels and PaymentsAI”) collects data when payment processing is made. Payments are processed via third party payment processing servicing. Details regarding payment processing and protection of confidential payment information can be viewed at chrome-extension://efaidnbmnnnibpcajpcglclefindmkaj/  ClickFunnels, by way of agreement to host online, has access to users’ personal and confidential information. has agreed to work with ClickFunnels by specific agreements that believes by good faith that ClickFunnels honors in accordance to their Terms of Service and Privacy Agreement, which are available for users to review at

User Termination:

Upon termination of any user’s account, user’s personal information will be stored according to legal requirements, accounting purposes, and/or marketing purposes. Inactive or former user information may be kept and archived.

Confidential User Data Protection: uses all legal allowable methods available to it for the safe keeping, maintenance and storage of all confidential information gathered as a result of user’s account with warns users that no method of protection is completely guaranteed and therefore, user is advised to monitor and keep safe all user passwords and account information. Accordingly, does not guarantee the safekeeping of all confidential information it maintains. To help maintain the safety of your username and password, we urge you to “log out” after each session on
Email Communication:

Auto-response technology is used by in order to better serve its users. Therefore, you may receive automatic emails from us. If you choose to opt out of these email responses for any reason, you can use the opt out option(s) available to you.

Disclaimer of Data:

Because internet sites and use is not guaranteed safe, cannot guaranty the safety of your personal or confidential information. is not liable for damage done as a result of hackers or other illegal online activity. is not responsible for violation of any privacy setting or security measure taken by resulting in a breach by fraudulent or illegal activity.

SPAM: is not an advocate of SPAM emails or solicitation.